Where Ends Meet


Avoid fitting multiple song segments (for example, the chorus, ad-lib and verse) on the same track, your tracks will be separated accordingly and charged respectively. These segments have relatively low chances of their audio signals passing through the exact same processing chains.

Please note that the number of tracks being referred to in this pricing section refers to vocal tracking only and not instrumentation tracking. The below will only apply to instrumentation tracking if the song has entirely zero vocal trackings, that is, a sole instrumental composition.

Audio Mixdown and Track Mastering

Exclusive Audio Mixdown

Exclusive Track Mastering

* Exclusive track mastering rates will reflect as above, solely being a given that I did not perform audio mixdown.

Once you send me your raw audio file, I will take my time to listen to the content. From there, we will discuss the direction of the song in detail so as to be on the same page as well as having an idea of the desired sound before progressing to working on the piece.